" We're fascinated with robots because they are reflections of ourselves."

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This is the course where things get serious!. Robotics kit is used assembled for children aged 11 and above delves into the world of complex circuits and making machines. We use the ‘Lego of the electrical world’ Arduino as the base of all our circuits. We teach children how to use Arduino to make practical robots that achieve certain pre-determined results.This versatile micro-controller makes it possible to make a wide variety of projects from an automatic watering system for plants to a humanoid!

Learning outcome

Student will learn basic of robotics, Coding and Design Thinking.

Skill Focus

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What People Say!

  • STREAM Minds is a nice wonderful place with a good dedicated staff. My son is quite happy learning Robotics and 3D Printing there and proudly tells us what he did after each class.

    Mina Shukla, Gurgaon
  • I am glad my daughter got to learn the fundamentals of Robotics and 3D printing at STREAM Minds. Although we are no longer living in India, she still fondly remembers her teachers and her classes well. She already knows more than her classmates in Robotics in her school in Singapore.

    Seema Mehr, Gurgaon/Singapore
  • StreamMinds is a best place for tinkering and exploring all around skills.

    Seema, London